SINOMA TECH - Who we are?

Sinomachine Technologies (Sinoma Tech) is a company powered by Germany investment and USA venture Capitals. It dedicates his business to support his clients to Go Green and Go Digital with Solar Energy and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. It helps clients with green energy visions or are suffering pains of high Energy bills to Go Green with solar energy. It also helps clients both in energy supplying side and in energy consumption side with IoT technologies to enable them have higher efficiency on energy management and payment.

Sinoma Tech has a very sophisticated team. The staffs are composed of experts from Fortune TOP 500 companies such as Huawei, of experts from famous high precision manufacture factories such as Vehicle Manufacturers, and engineers with Ph. D or Master degrees. Sinoma Tech are also equipped with sophisticated tools such as thermal flow and temperature measurement tools, Leakage detection instruments, power quality testers…for high quality Energy Audit and Efficiency Services. We are experts in Green Energy producing, utilization, energy efficiency, and Internet of Energies from infrastructure up to services.

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7X24 real-time monitoring of equipment status ensures safe energy usage. Centralized supervision / mobile operation and maintenance achieves efficient O & M. The number of devices accessed by management platform exceeds 30,000+, and it is the trust choice of 1000+ enterprises.

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